Sunday, Fun Day


I hope you had a fund Easter Sunday. Ours was so jamb packed with familly activities, we had no chance to rest. I'm still exhausted.

We started off our weekend with a trip to the park to meet middle son's friend who didn't show up since we were in the middle of a storm. I figured as much, but of course we had to go since that was the plan. Never change plans on an autistic person. 

Strong wind and impending rain didn't stop my boys from swinging on the swings. It did make them decided that they needed muffins, so of course that was our next stop.

Sunday was Easter and we had plans all day. My family in the early afternoon and husbands family in the evening. 

Easter's theme was pasta bar. My contribution was my favorite spaghetti sauce and instant pot mac and cheese. Threw in some deviled eggs for good luck and we had a feast. 

There was an egg hunt and I schooled my nephew in the art of Rubik's cube. He's pretty good at the pyramid. 

Dinner with the other side of the family was cozy. Made my favorite bratwurst, with jello peeps for dessert. An good end to a fun day.

This wasn't a normal adventure for us, but I know getting out of the house so much with the boys, is preparing them for being out in public when it isn't as fun. I think its working.