About Me


I'm Sara. A wife and mother first and fore most, but also a lover of books, food and a retired ballerina.

I married my first love and we've been blessed with three rambunctious boys. My oldest boy has high functioning autism, middle boy has Asperger's and ADHD, and youngest boy is hearing impaired. 

Before the blog, I danced for 14 years, the later of which was  with two different companies in the Portland area. I retired at the tender age of 18, when a back injury took me out of commission. Since then I've been a mom and an author, but mostly just a mom. 

I started this blog to share the fun things my family has been up to, and also the weird things that don't fit on my book blog, Book Confessions of an ExBallerina.

If you find yourself here because you are just like me, a woman trying to find her place in this world, then please stay a while and leave me a comment. I would love to connect. 

To follow more of my life beyond book reviews, check out my many social media spots. You can find the links on the sidebar.